Letters we’ve received from families

Thanks more than words can express for your generosity in approving my young son Killian’s request for charitable assistance in connection with recent dental work he had done by Dr Lambert at Central DuPage Hospital. We have an incredible number of stresses on our resources in trying to provide Killian what he needs on a daily basis. He requires 24/7 care on a one-to-one basis. He is non-verbal and not yet potty trained so there are many challenges associated with his care. This funding to assist with his dental work is critical to Killian and to our entire family. Thanks again for your incredible generosity and for providing for children with special needs. You are a shining example of what charitable work is all about.

Kevin & Beth

Just a few lines letting you know how grateful we are to you. Our only child, Kayla Erin, was born with a rare chromosomeal disorder that affects 1 in 20,000 births called, Angelman Syndrome. Kayla Erin has mental retardation, but is a very happy child. She has had many problems with her teeth. We keep trying to patch up her teeth problems at the dentist’s office. But her teeth seemed very weak, they broke away, and she was always in pain. 
She’s had four dental surgeries and our bills kept mounting. This last time we couldn’t find a dentist who would take our insurance without a large down payment, which we did not have. We prayed that God would answer our prayers, then we remembered the Grotto. You helped us one other time. We called the Doctor of Smiles and he directed us. We found another dentist and needless to say, Kayla Erin had a five-hour dental surgery at Children’s Memorial and for the first time in years her pain is gone and she looks like a movie star! Thank you for g

Jesse & Mary

We thank you so much for your financial help with our daughter’s dental expenses. She is pain-free now and we are so happy to see her smile! We are grateful to you for making it possible for Jean to get the care she needed. May God bless you all for your kindness.

Mark & Linda

I would just like to say thank you so much for the charitable aid you provided our family. Having a child who has special needs puts a lot of pressure on your family and financial resources. Our son is deaf and significantly delayed in receptive and expressive speech. Despite brushing his teeth all the time, he still got severe cavities! He didn’t understand that the dentist was there to help him. He cried and kicked and the dentist could barely even see inside his mouth to see the extent of the damage. I felt panic when the dentist told me that dental surgery would have to take place under anesthesia and in a hospital. It was even worse when I found out my insurance wouldn’t cover the majority of our bill. The dentist helped me to get your foundation to cover the remaining bills after insurance payment. Thank you so much for providing this very basic service and helping our son have healthy teeth again!

Lindsay Fernandez-Salvador



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