Meet the Dr. of Smiles

Meet the Dr. of Smiles

The Dr. of Smiles—Grotto volunteers– are key to the operation of the dental program. They are the Grotto representatives in the community who work with families, dentists, and the Humanitarian Foundation to ensure that special kids get special smiles.
At the first Dr. Smiles seminar in 2011, Edward Sterling, DDS, (Achbar Grotto) aptly described what a Dr. of Smiles does and who he is in the following way:

A Doctor of Smiles is a:

M ediator
A mbassador
N egotiator

O riginator
F acilitator

G rantor of Help
R ecruiter
A dvocate
C onduit
E nabler

At the 2010 International Grottoes of North America Convention in Peoria, Illinois, we honored one of the Grotto members, Lloyd Fries, from Gul Reazee Grotto in Portland, Oregon.  Lloyd has worked with the program for many years in the Portland area and he was presented the PGM Robert W Rush Award, naming him the 2009 Dr. of Smiles.  To learn a little more about our representatives and the work they do, please watch the video below to see this year’s honoree.

The local Grotto is also very important to the dental program as they sponsor the individual child into the program.  At the national convention we also recognized two Grottoes that have played an important part in their community with the dentistry program this past year.  The PGM Donald R LaBarre Award was given to Gul Reazee Grotto in Portland, Oregon for the greatest number of children helped. The PGM Michael G Wahl Award was presented to Gul Reazee Grotto in Portland, Oregon for the greatest percentage increase in the number of children helped from the previous year.  As you can see, Gul Reazee Grotto has been working diligently and we are proud that they were able to receive the unprecedented honor of receiving all three awards this year.  They are a small Grotto, but they have great love in their hearts for the dental care of special needs children in Portland.  Congratulations to Lloyd Fries and the members of Gul Reazee Grotto for a job well done!