What is the Smile Challenge?

What is the Smile Challenge?

The Smile Challenge is an Annual Fund Program for the benefit of the Humanitarian Foundation. It is a continuing effort to seek financial support from members of the Grottoes of North America and their communities. The primary focus is on individuals as 80% of all gifts to charity come from individuals.

The purpose of the Smile Challenge is to encourage annual giving, establish habits and patterns of giving, establish giving that leads to capital and planned gifts, and to keep the mission of the Humanitarian Foundation in front of Grotto members throughout the year.

The goals of the Smile Challenge are to build a wider donor base and ensure the growth of the Humanitarian Foundation by increasing the number of gifts to meet the Foundation’s current and future needs.

Funding the Smile Challenge

The Smile Challenge consists of five programs to assist in developing funds and awareness for the Humanitarian Foundation. They are the following:

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Enchanted Lantern Society

In the early days of the Grotto, members would hang a red railroad lantern in the window to indicate the location of their next meeting. This history of the lantern was not forgotten when, in 1953, the Grottoes adopted the “Enchanted Lantern” as their emblem to represent each contribution of $50 or more.

The annual sale of Enchanted Lanterns to Grotto members has become the backbone of the Humanitarian Foundation’s fund raising efforts for nearly 60 years.

The Smile Challenge encourages Grottoes to increase their purchase of Enchanted Lanterns to the next level and develop at least 50% participation by half of the 144 Grottoes and 100% participation by the remaining 72 Grottoes.

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Fairchild Society

A commitment to the Fairchild Society creates smiles for more children each year.  A healthy Fairchild Society ensures the healthy growth over time of the Humanitarian Foundation and helps us our reach our goal of serving an additional 700 children.

On September 10, 1889, in Hamilton, New York, LeRoy Fairchild and friends held the first meeting of an organization that would become the Grottoes of North America. It is a fraternity based on fun, fellowship, and the Masonic principles of brotherly love, relief and truth.

The Fairchild Society is the second of three donor programs established by and for Grotto members. Named for the Grottoes’ chief founder LeRoy Fairchild, the Society offers a variety of levels from which to choose and corresponding emblems representative of the gift.

The Smile Challenge is to have a minimum of 5% of the Grotto membership become annual members of the Fairchild Society and to reach out to community businesses and doctors through each Association to promote business donations at Fairchild Society levels.

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Forever Smiles Legacy Society

You can have a forever smile by remembering the Humanitarian Foundation in your will.

The Forever Smiles Legacy Society is a passive legacy program designed to encourage and acknowledge gifts to the Humanitarian Foundation now that will continue to bring special smiles to special children years into the future.

There are many ways to leave a gift. It is not the business of the Humanitarian Foundation to guide your estate planning. Once you have made your plans, simply let the Humanitarian

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Smile Fest Dinners

The Smile Fest Dinners are a way to engage your Grotto and your community in supporting the work of the Humanitarian Foundation. Plan now to host your Smile Fest Dinner. The Smile Fest Dinner Manual will provide complete instructions for each step in planning a successful event.

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Enchanted Smile Contest

The Enchanted Smile Contest is a way to keep the focus on the children the Humanitarian Foundation serves and to bring awareness to the Dental Care for Children with Special Needs Program.

Each Dr. of Smiles will submit a photo of his client(s) to his Grotto Association. The Association President selects a child to represent his Association and photos from all of the Associations will be displayed at the Convention where Grotto members can vote for their favorite Poster Smile.

The Poster Child will be used on Humanitarian Foundation materials for the following year.

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