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Tooth Decay the Most Common Chronic Childhood Disease Today

We are looking for partners to help us expand our program to focus on prevention. Special needs children have a higher risk for dental problems such as tooth decay, enamel irregularities and gum infections as a direct result of medications and special diets. The good news is that dental disease is almost entirely preventable. A prevention program will provide sealant to protect teeth against cavities and prevent future dental care. By sealing at-risk teeth of children in our program, we will improve their health and help families with limited resources. According to the Dept. of Job & Family Services, families with special needs children report the service most needed but not received is dental care. The Pew Center reports “Tooth decay affects nearly 60% of children and it’s getting worse – between 1994 and 2004, tooth decay increased by 15% among kids aged two to five. The CDC has found that tooth decay is five times more common than asthma. By sealing teeth, we will save the child pain and suffering and save the expense of repairing or extracting decayed teeth. For every dollar spent on sealants, $2 are saved and there is a 60% drop in cavities in molars for up to 5 years – Pew Center Research. Dr  Shenkin, a pediatric dentist and spokesman for the American Dental Assoc. says “Decades of research demonstrate using sealant can reduce cavities by up to nearly 80% immediately and up to 60% for four years or more.” Services will be provided by local dentists in the child’s community and the Humanitarian Foundation will pay the dentists/hospitals directly.

Need Continues to Grow!
We have seen a 30% increase in requests for service in the past year.
Our funding comes from 3 sources.  The Humanitarian Foundation’s endowment fund generates 65% of the income for expenses; the members of the Grottoes of North America contribute 25% of the annual funds for the dental program and we ask people in the communities we served to help us with 10% of the dental program costs.

Community Support is needed to fill the gap between growing need and diminishing funds from a declining Grottoes membership and a volatile investment market. Support the special needs children in your community through a gift to the Humanitarian Foundation.

Make a forever difference in the life a very special child, Donate today!!

Smile Partner Opportunities – allow us to grow our program to meet the increased need

Tooth Fairy Donor – $20
Every time your child or grand child loses a tooth, delight them with a note from the Tooth Fairy thanking them for a gift used to clean a tooth for a special needs child.  Note will be available for download after payment.

Click now to receive Tooth Fairy Note

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Prevention Donor – $50
By sealing teeth, we will save the child pain and suffering and save the expense of repairing or extracting decayed teeth. For every dollar spent on sealants, $2 is saved and there is a 60% drop in cavities in molars for up to 5 years.

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Dentist Visit Donor – $600
Cost is a huge barrier to families.  Many times a special pediatric dentist must be used for basic dental care like cleaning, x-rays, and exam

Click now to be a Dentist Visit Donor.

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Sponsor a Child – $1200
There may be a need for sedation or hospitalization.  Many children cannot keep their mouths open for long periods or are frighten and combative requiring sedation.

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Matching Gifts– Double or even Triple Your Gift
Many companies sponsor matching gift programs that will match charitable contributions made by their employees. Some even match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses. These programs are a great way for companies to support the Humanitarian Foundation and a chance for you to double or even triple your gift!  You can search our list of nearly 800 companies to see if your employer sponsors a matching gift program.  Most companies have matching gift forms available through their personnel office that you fill out and mail to us. We do the rest!  Please mail matching gift forms to:
Linda Stratton
Humanitarian Foundation
430 Beecher Rd
Gahanna, OH 43230
Link to Matching Gifts Companies List

Retail Participation Projects
You can help our kids just by doing your regular shopping and with no cost to you!  By joining a shopping club you can designate your shopping to count towards the Humanitarian Foundation.  Many retailers have opportunities for you to help nonprofits.
Some include:

  • Kroger
  • Give online shopping
  • GFS, Gordon Food Supply
  • IGive

Please let us know about other retail shopping opportunities or for more information contact us.

Dine to Donate
Many nationwide chain restaurants have established Dine to Donate programs to help you fundraise.
Typically, a portion of the proceeds during a specific time period will be donated
to your cause if patrons present a flyer (sometimes template is provided by the
establishment, other times you create your own .  You may need some additional information, such as the Foundation’s contact information and 501(c)3 number – just ask us for help!
Here are just some of the companies our participants have had success working with on
their fundraising efforts.  Don’t forget to also check your local restaurants/bars as well!

  • Applebee’s
  • Lone Star Steakhouse
  • T.G.I.Fridays
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Noodles & Co
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Chili’s
  • Tumbleweed
To organize an event in your area, contact us.

Fund Raising Event or Activity – Be creative and create your own event or activity to benefit our kids!
Staff at a FL childcare center paid $1 to wear jeans on Friday’s and then donated the money raised to the Humanitarian Foundation.  A dentist office in CA sold stars, which they posted in the office and all the proceeds went to the Humanitarian Foundation.  Every dollar makes a difference!

For more information,  contact us .

Tribute & Memorials
Tribute gifts are a wonderful way of honoring someone special for momentous occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings.

Memorial gifts are a heartfelt way of expressing sympathy for a lost loved one. 

These special gifts help support for children in pain who need immediate dental response.
All donations designated as Tribute and Memorial Gifts will be acknowledged in writing to the recipient and listed in our annual report.

To make your Tribute or Memorial Gift, send a check with recipient information to

Linda Stratton, Humanitarian Foundation
430 Beecher Rd
Gahanna, OH 43230

Tribute – Gold Certificate for $50

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Tribute – Silver Certificate for $100

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Memorial – Plaque for $250

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Corporate Sponsor
Our corporate partners provide us with the opportunity to reach people where they live, work, and play. In addition to a financial contribution, each of these organizations have found a unique way to get their customers and employees involved in raising awareness for our Dental Program. We thank them for their commitment to combat tooth decay for our special needs children.

Contact Linda Stratton for how your company can become a sponsor!

Join our corporate sponsors

  • NetJets
  • PNC
  • MetLife
  • State Farm
  • Zanesville Morning Rotary
  • Seabreeze Kiwanis Club
  • Walmart
  • Tumbleweed
  • Equity Group Foundation (ReMax)
  • MassMutual
  • CESO
  • Kroger
  • GFS


“The Humanitarian Foundation Supreme Council had unrestricted financial reserves of $5,564,566 in 2014, approximately 4.4 times the $1,264,499 in total expenses for the same year. But, the foundation uses interest only to cover dental treatment and administrative expenses.”